December 8, 2020 | Virtual Conference


AppianGOVERNMENT – Accelerating Government Modernization & Citizen Experience

Join Government leaders from the US and around the globe to discuss navigating through the pandemic and beyond. Now, more than ever, digitizing, connecting systems, and automating enterprise workflows are vital for organizations to be resilient and maintain continuity of operations. This pivotal moment has called us all to rise to the occasion. At Appian, we are helping accelerate Government modernization and transform citizen experience in a way that will change the world forever.

Why attend AppianGOVERNMENT?

AppianGovernment will be like no other virtual event you have attended this year. Our goal is to have fun, connect personally, and help drive mission outcomes through the many uses of our technology. See how the US and Global Governments are powering complex operations with Appian and how you can be a part of history in the making.

AppianGOVENRMENT attendees will:

  • Hear from Government leaders about their use cases, lessons learned and strategic advice
  • Be inspired to solve your current business challenges
  • Gain deeper knowledge of low-code & automation technologies for seamless workflows
  •  See Appian in action by participating in our hands-on sessions
  • Train with experts to take your Appian development skills and understanding to the next level
  • Meet Appian’s business partners who are Government IT modernization experts
  • Connect with other customers in a meaningful way